Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Long Stretch?

A suitable daily stretching routine will do wonders not just for your muscular skeletal system but will also be beneficial for your overall health. Tight muscles inhibit joint mobility and can cause all sorts of structural problems. We live in a demanding world these days and with all the stresses and pressures of daily living, muscles tighten and if left unchecked go into spasm promoting all sorts of "unwellness" conditions eg tension headaches...stiff and sore backs etc.

Never stretch beyond pain and a stretch should last for at least 30 seconds..the longer the better. if you are having muscular or joint problems then I strongly recommend you visit your physio or chiropractor for assessment and stretching recommendations. Otherwise if you Google stretching for health then you will find a vast array of information which may be suitable for you.

Cheers in Health...Jeff

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