Friday, April 23, 2010

Pelvic Alignment

A not so recent workshop reinforced the notion that the pelvis "is" indeed the structural "engine room" of the body and in effect does affect what happens elsewhere in the muscular skeletal system.

It therefore stands to reason that if the "foundation" of a building or structure is out of alignment then problems will occur. General tell tale signs like uneven illiac crests and/or one shoulder up and the other down will indicate a pelvic misalignment.

In cases of structural dysfunction I generally refer on to my chiropractor (see Health and Wellbeing) on my website (

Next time you stand in front of a mirror please have a look to check how level your shoulders, chest and hips are. If you can "see' unevenness then it's like that you have pelvic misalignment whcih can be fixed.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reading the Ingredients

Before you apply an external to your skin eg sunscreen lotion, cosmetics or say a moisturiser do you take the time to suss out the ingredients in the product you are about to use or do you just subscribe to the theory that..."Hey! What I don't know about won't hurt me." If you are someone who "does" subscribe to that theory then you may well be taking risks with your health.

As most of us know the skin is an organ and does absorb. For example, research has shown that ingredients in sunscreen lotion have shown up in both blood and urine tests. Some will say, "Yes but I use an expensive brand of sunscreen lotion!" That may well be but just how "user friendly" is it? True...just a few applications may have little effect but the body does have a way of "accumulating" and if there are toxic ingredients in the formula you are using then you may well be putting yourself at risk in the long term.

One way of checking the "safety" of ingredients in externals (lotions, cosmetics etc) or for that matter additives in foods and what's in household products is via a very handy little book called the Chemical Maze...Bill Statham...available at most health food stores. This is a book with a very appropriate title. Please...don't take ingredients in products for granted. It will be worth your while to check before using a product. You only have "one" body and prudence demands that it's much, much better to be safe than sorry.

Yours in health...Jeff